CMB Trainee & Faculty Expectations

Expectations of the CMB Trainees 

  • Sign the AAMC Compact Between Biomedical Graduate Students and Their Research Advisors (PDF)
  • Attend a “Center of Open Science” Workshop of reproducible science
  • Attend and Participate in the CMB data dinner
  • Present a poster or give a talk at each CMB retreat
  • Attend two Medical Center hours per year and participate in a “Walker Elementary School STEM night”
  • Join the CMB Hike
  • Class requirements
    1. Statistics Class
    2. Advanced topics in Cell and Molecular Biology (Cell 8301)
    3. Effective Science Writing for Grants and Fellowships (Cell 8405)

CMB Trainee Opportunities

  • Attend a Research Conference
  • Invite and Host a Scientific Speaker

Expectations of the CMB Faculty

  • Attend a BIMS mentor training course at least once ever 3 years
  • Coach a CMB student from another department in the Data dinner presentation and provide feedback on this presentation
  • Participation in the CMB programmatic activities especially the CMB retreat
  • Active participation in one of four categories:
    1. Directing a graduate student course or teach in the two CMB sponsored classes: Advanced Topics in Cell and Molecular Biology or Advanced Writing Skills
    2. Acting on a graduate student recruitment or admissions committees
    3. Participation in URM mentoring programs
    4. Teach in ethics training or contributing to UVA’s continuing efforts to ensure a diverse student population