Trainee Outcomes

UVA’s CMB program prepares PhD students for a wide range of careers in biomedical science in academic, industrial or government settings and also other science related careers including science policy, journalism, and education. 96% of CMB trainees since 2004 have graduated with a PhD or are still in training.  The vast majority of these students are pursuing a career in science.

Peach and Hungerford Awards

CMB trainees consistently win UVA’s two highly prestigious awards that are given for the most accomplished graduating biomedical PhD students for that academic year at UVA:  The “Michael Peach” and “Jill Hungerford” Awards.

CMB trainees have won an award 8 of the last 16 years’ awards: (Han (’17), Billings (’16), Snow (’14), Matson (’13), Stites (’08), Kagey (‘05), Mosammaparest (‘04), and Jacobs (’03)).

Current Positions of CMB Trainees Of the last 10 years

Current Positions of CMB Trainees: Post Doctorate training, pharma/industry, academic, government, research, resident, student, other

Former CMB Graduates:

  • Post Doctorate Training: 33%
  • Pharma/Industry: 28%
  • Academic: 17%
  • Student: 6%
  • Other: 5%
  • Resident: 4%
  • Research: 2%