Director’s Corner


Ariel_Gomez_10_DAIt is our great pleasure to welcome you to the Child Health Research Center.

The Center was created with a simple but formidable wish that we all share: children should lead healthy, happy and productive lives. In keeping with this notion, it is our goal to understand the roots of childhood diseases so that we can develop more effective, personalized and safer therapies.

We have assembled an outstanding group of basic scientists and clinical investigators who collaborate daily to translate discoveries made in our laboratories to the child. In addition to the sustenance from our health system administration, we are fortunate to have the support of a devoted and energetic community with whom we share our philosophy and goals.

We hope that in our pages you find information about the research we are doing and our plans to grow. Please walk through them and feel at home. We wish to inspire and be inspired by you. We welcome your feedback and invite you to join our quest: fundamental science for children health.

— R. Ariel Gomez, MD