The mission of the center is to foster cutting edge research that improves the lives of children. The Center will comprise research administration, support, laboratory and core facilities in the MR-4 research building, as well as clinical research facilities in the new Battle Building. We expect that the Center will continue to grow and develop with the addition of investigators and support over the coming years.

Our Vision
  • Generate fundamental new knowledge.
  • Accelerate the transfer of knowledge to excel in the care of children and their families.
  • Educate the new cadre of graduate and medical students, and physician-scientists.
  • Collaborate with the private sector, government and industry to develop new therapies and tools.
  • Engage our communities and leaders in implementing novel educational–health practices throughout the State and globally.
  • Develop inter-departmental, national and international partnerships to enhance/potentiate our capabilities and global reach.
Our Mission

•Conduct bench and clinical research focused on diseases of childhood at the University of Virginia.
•Nurture our early and midcareer faculty
•Attract and retain the very best students, postdocs and faculty
•Foster an open environment characterized by excellence, quality, creativity and collaboration
•Increase our extramural funding.
•A model where the best science is produced for the benefit of children.

  • Focus on areas of strength and opportunities with the best possibility for success
  • Attract and retain outstanding young and senior faculty in areas of synergism.
  • Facilities: access to cutting edge science & technology
  • Support: provide mentors to nurture and grow young investigators
  • Collaborations: basic science, clinical studies
  • Educational activities: integrating molecular science to clinical study design.

Innovations in molecular biology and imaging now allow unprecedented insights into the mechanisms of disease. This explosion in knowledge has created the opportunity for more specific, safer, and more effective therapies to treat disease. Application of therapies targeted at chronic diseases which start in childhood will lessen the burden of disease on our society. However there is a critical gap in transferring these discoveries from the laboratory to the bedside. This gap is due in part to a shortage of trained investigators, reduced funding for research, and a major shift in focus of pediatricians to provide direct care.