Golf Rules

CMB Golf Tournament Rules

Format: Scramble/Captain’s Choice, teams of foursomes to be designated by the organizers (let us know if you wish to assemble your own team).

  • All four players hit from the tee (players should use the tee that they normally use), the team selects the best shot and all four players hit from that point.
  • Shots should be taken within one club length.
  • If the ball ends up in the rough, the next shot should be taken from the rough even if the fairway is within one club length.
  • On the green or first cut, the ball should be placed where it lies.
  • At least one drive of every player must be used during the round.
  • On holes designated for the longest drive (#2 for men and #10 for women), eligible drives must be in the fairway.
  • On holes for closest to the hole (#4 and 14), the tee shot must be on the green.
  • The Program will pay the green’s fees for all students and postdocs, but carts are their responsibility. Faculty members (including Research Faculty), technical staff, and guests will be responsible for their own green’s fees.
  • We will sell mulligans at $2 a piece, with a maximum of 4 per team. Proceeds will be used to cover costs of prizes and the keg.