Integrating ‘Macro’ and ‘Wide-angle’ views of renin and the RAS | John Mullins, PhD

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Date: Friday December 4, 2015
Time: 12:00 PM until AM
Location: Battle Building, 1st Floor, Quayle Learning Center

John Mullins, Ph.D.

Director, BHF Centre for Research Excellence
Chair, Molecular Physiology
University of Edinburgh



  1. Genotypic and phenotypic models are not always the same thing.
  2. Animals models of disease: the obvious is not always the most interesting.
  3. Heterozygous models are sometimes undervalued.
  4. Granulation of Juxtaglomerular cells is complex.
  5. Zebrafish and mammalian studies can complement each other.


*lunch available at 11:30 – please RSVP: Wendy Cline –

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