Category: Pharmacology

Dec 06 “Brain Initiative and Beyond-Neuroscience Funding Priorities from the NIH” by Edmund Tally


[Pinn 1-17] Hosted by Douglas Bayliss NGP/Neuroscience and the Brain Institute, Edmund Talley, PhD, is the Program Director, Channels, Synapses and Circuits, NIH National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS), Bethesda, MD Edmund (Ne...

Nov 29 “Encoding Dopamine Signals in Striatal Circuits” by Christopher Ford


[PINN 1-17] Hosted by Julius Zhu, Christopher Ford, PhD, is a Principal Investigator in the Department of Pharmacology, School of Medicine, University of Colorado, Denver, CO The Ford Lab examines the neuronal mechanisms by which G-protein coupled re...

Nov 15 2018 Joseph Larner Memorial Lecture in Pharmacology-“Female Bones and Behaviors Controlled by Sex-Dependent Hypothalamic Nodes” by Holly A. Ingraham


[PHCC Auditorium 1st Floor Pinn Hall] A lectureship was established to honor the memory of Joseph Larner, who served as Professor and Chair of the Pharmacology Department for many years. During his time as Chair he recruited and mentored numerous succ...

Nov 08 Pharmacology Seminar by Benjamin Turk


[PINN 1-17] Hosted by John Fu, Ben Turk, PhD, is an Associate Professor of Pharmacology, School of Medicine, Yale University, New Haven, CT Research interests: Deciphering mechanisms of substrate targeting by protein kinases The completion of the...

Oct 25 “Metabolic Stress Hormone FGF21: From Thirsty to Thin” by Steve Kliewer


[PINN 1-17] Hosted by Irina Bochkis, Steven Kliewer, PhD, is a Professor and Diana K. and Richard C. Strauss Distinguished Chair in Developmental Biology in Molecular Biology and Pharmacology, UT Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, TX Dr. Kliewer ru...

Oct 11 Pharmacology Seminar by Yanhua Huang


[PINN 1-17] Hosted by Julius Zhu, Yanhua Huang, PhD, is an Associate Professor of Psychiatry, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA Yanhua Huang, PhD has focused her research on neural plasticity within the reward circuitry of the brain. She studi...

Sep 26 MICRO/Pharmacology Seminar by Sergio Grinstein


[Pinn 1-17] Hosted by Microbiology and Co-hosted by Pharmacology (Adishesh Narahari, Michael Schappe and Pharm Students), Sergio Grinstein, PhD, is a Professor of Biochemistry, University of Toronto, Toronto, ON RESEARCH DESCRIPTION Membrane Biology,...

Sep 13 Pharmacology Seminar by Susan Schwab


[Pinn 1-17] Hosted by Kevin Lynch, Susan R. Schwab is an Associate Professor in the Department of Pathology, Skirball Institute, NYU Langone Health, New York, NY Schwab Lab studies lymphocyte migration, with an emphasis on three questions: What det...

May 03 Pharm 9004 Lecture by Bruce A. Littlefield


[Pinn 5023] Hosted by John Lazo, Beth Sharlow and the Pharm 9004 Spring 2018 Class Bruce A. Littlefield, Ph.D., is a Distinguished Scientist and Head of Translational MedicineGlobal Oncology, Eisai Inc. Dr. Littlefield holds the dual positions of Distinguished Scientist and Head, Translational Medicine in the Global Oncology group at Eisai, a global pharmaceutical company headquartered in Tokyo. A biochemist by training, Dr. Littlefield first joined Eisai in 1990 and since that time has overseen numerous natural product-based oncology drug discovery programs. One such program, initiated at Eisai by Dr. Littlefield in 1992 together with Professor Yoshito Kishi of Harvard, was based on the marine sponge natural product halichondrin B. This program led to development of eribulin (Halaven ® ), currently approved in over 60 countries for treatment of certain patients with advanced breast cancer, with additional approvals for advanced liposarcoma or soft tissue sarcoma in many other countries. Dr. Littlefield has published widely in the cancer research and drug development areas, holds numerous drug-related patents, and is a frequent lecturer at universities, medical centers and scientific conferences in the US and abroad. In addition to working at Eisai, Dr. Littlefield has held faculty positions at both Yale and Harvard Medical Schools, most recently in 2009-2011, when he temporarily moved to Harvard as Scientific Director of a new natural products research program, before returning to Eisai in his current capacity in 2011.

Apr 26 Pharmacology Seminar by John Huguenard


[Pinn Hall 1-17] Hosted by Mark Beenhakker, John Haguenard, Phd is a Professor of Neurology and Neurological Sciences, Standford University Lab Summary: We study mechanisms of neural circuit synchronization and oscillation, using a combination of me...