Apr 23 “Variability, Neuromodulation, and Homeostasis in Neurons and Networks” – Pharmacology/NGP/NCOE Seminar by Eve Marder

April 23, 2015 by Health System Enterprise Calendar

[Jordan Hall, Room 1-17] Hosted by Mark Beenhakker. Co-sponsored by the Neuroscience Graduate Program (NGP), the Neuroscience Center of Excellence (NCOE), and the Department of Pharmacology. Eve Marder, Ph.D. is a Professor of Biology at Brandeis University. Work in Dr. Marder’s lab centers on three main questions:

1) How do neuromodulators and neuromodulatory neurons reconfigure circuits so that the same group of neurons can produce a variety of behaviorally relevant outputs?

2) How can networks be both stable over the lifetime of the animal despite ongoing turnover of membrane proteins such as channels and receptors? How is network stability maintained over long time periods? To what extent do similar network outputs result from different underlying mechanisms or solutions?.

3) How variable are the sets of parameters that govern circuit function across animals? How can animals with disparate sets of circuit parameters respond reliably to perturbations such as neuromodulators and temperature?

To address these questions we employ electrophysiological, biophysical, computational, anatomical, biochemical, and molecular techniques.

Learn more: http://www.bio.brandeis.edu/faculty/marder.html