Student Training

The PCEN has been successful in attracting and retaining talented graduate students to research in pediatric Nephrology. D students, María Florencia Martinez and Omar Guessoum are training in the laboratories of Dr. Gomez and Sequeira-Lopez.

In addition, the PCEN supported four summer research students to pursue projects funded by the Administrative Supplement for Summer Students.

  • Jessica Moskaluk, rising senior undergraduate student, Penn State University. Forensic Science major.
    • Mentor: R. Ariel Gomez, MD
    • Project: Analysis of expression of transcription factors in kidneys from renin-deficient mice by in situ hybridization.
  • Jessica Hoy. University of Denver. BS Biology
    • Mentor: Maria Luisa Sequeira-Lopez, MD
    • Project: Analysis of renin expression during mouse embryonic development by in situ hybridization and quantitative RT-PCR.
    • Jessica Hoy presented her work at the UVA CHRC 30th Annual Research Symposium. May, 2018.
  • Elissa Bradhi, rising second year undergraduate student. University of Virginia.
    • Mentor: Valeria R. Mas, M.S, Ph.D. Department of Surgery, UVA.
    • Project: Non-invasive markers of immune- and non-immune graft injury leading to interstitial fibrosis and tubular atrophy.
  • Stephen Shang, MS, University of Virginia.
    • Mentor: Mazhar Adli, Ph.D. Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics. University of Virginia.
    • Project: Platinum-induced enhancer and super-enhancer elements drive transcriptional programs integral to maintaining the chemoresistant state in ovarian cancer.
    • Stephen Shang presented his work at the UVA Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics Departmental Retreat. November, 2017.
  • Belle Pace, undergraduate student at UVA, did a rotation in Dr. Gomez’s lab in the fall of 2017.

Medical Fellow Training

  • Wilson A. Vasconez, MD, is a Physician who conducted research work during the past year under the mentorship of Dr. Gomez and Dr. Sequeira-Lopez. He presented his work entitled “Renin-expressing lymphocytes defend against bacterial pathogens” at the 30th Annual Research Symposium, Pediatrics, CHRC, University of Virginia School of Medicine (May 2018) and was the winner of the Trainee Research Competition. Dr. Vasconez is now a Resident in Pediatrics at the Holtz Children’s Hospital, University of Miami.
  • Tahagod Mohamed, MD, is a Pediatric Nephrology Fellow conducting research under the mentorship of Dr. Sequeira-Lopez. Dr. Gomez is a member of her training committee. Dr. Mohamed presented her work on β1-Integrin in renin lineage cells and the kidney vasculature at the AHA Council on Hypertension (San Francisco, CA. Oral Presentation. Received Student Travel Award. September 2017), the ASN Kidney Week meeting (New Orleans, LA.; Oral Presentation. November 2017) and the 30th Annual Research Symposium (Department of Pediatrics, CHRC, University of Virginia School of Medicine. Oral Presentation. May 2018). She will continue her research training in Dr. Sequeira-Lopez’s laboratory until completion of her Nephrology Fellowship (July 2019).