For the Community

Mini-Med School

The School of Medicine hosts a one-day “The Mini-Med School” program in which members of the community have the opportunity to receive instruction and laboratory participation in contemporary issues in Medicine with a research orientation. Our Center has a Mini-Med in Kidney Development and Disease, developed by Dr. Chevalier.

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Symposium on renal diseases in children

To educate other physicians as well as other care providers about renal diseases in children a one day symposium is held each year at one of the institutions involved in the Pediatric Center of Excellence in Nephrology. Speakers are from basic and applied research areas relevant to kidney disease. The symposium is advertised on the Center website, within the universities, through the ASPN, and to physicians and care providers in the area.


Our web site includes all relevant information about the Center’s activities written also in lay terms. Short movies describing the various activities of the center and the actual discoveries will soon be available on our web site and will be distributed widely to the community.