Research Cores


The School of Medicine provides access to a variety of research support cores for clinical investigators. These cores are generally subsidized by the School of Medicine but investigators are charged for the use of the cores to help offset the cost of the service. Complete information about the services provided, contact information and cost is provided by following the links below.

The Bioinformatics core provides data analysis and statistical support as well as pathway and functional analysis for large data sets generated by gene expression and sequencing assays.

The Biorepository and Tissue Research Facility core provides procurement and processing of human tissues and specimens for research purposes. There is also potential access to archived tissues and specimen.

The Biostatistic Consultation core conducts collaborative biostatistical research and provide statistical collaboration and consulting supports for the School of Medicine, the Health Sciences Center, industry, government agencies, and foundations. The Division facilitates and enhances biomedical research in the School of Medicine and provides high-priority assistance in developing grant proposals.

This assistance includes designing studies, developing analytic plans, and analyzing pilot data. For other projects, the Division offers a Biostatistical Consulting Service.

The Clinical Data Repository is a data warehouse that contains clinical data from the UVA Health System and makes these data available for research purposes.

UVA’s Clinical Research Unit is available for both inpatient and outpatient research studies.

The Genome Analysis & Technology Core – GATC mission is to serve as a scientific resource and biotechnology hub enhancing the scope and quality of basic and translational research at UVA, and to provide customer satisfaction, collaboration and quality control.   The goal of the core staff is to enable high throughput (Next Generation) sequencing projects for both novice and experienced users alike, by providing timely assistance in all facets of experimentation from project design/execution to data analysis/reporting.

The Exercise Physiology core provides assessment of VO2 max, body composition and resting metabolism.

The Flow Cytometry core provides all investigators at the University of Virginia access to high quality, cost effective flow cytometry services. By providing these services, as well as the scientific expertise necessary to effectively use this technology, the facility serves to enhance the scope and quality of scientific research performed at the University.

This office, provided by the Medical Center, supports clinical drug trials from study design and submission of IND applications, to drug preparation, storage, logging, and dispensing.  Contact Amy Adams at 434-982-1048 or for more information.

This core within the Biomolecular Analysis Facility identifies and analyzes proteins from gels and solution using current mass spectrometry techniques. The lab uses techniques to compare samples which have different amounts of the same proteins.  See more

Looking for other Cores?
See the 2014 Research Cores Handbook.