Introduction to OnCore

What is OnCore?

Online Collaborative Research Environment (OnCore) is a web based, comprehensive clinical trial management system (CTMS).  OnCore will support our investigators and research coordinators as a centralized place to manage all of their study protocols and subjects.

Why OnCore?

The goals of implementing OnCore across the School of Medicine are:

  • To improve day to day workflows
  • To improve subject safety
  • To improve budget and financial management
  • To have more robust strategic planning within departments and as an institution
  • To increase transparency and institutional oversight

How do I get to OnCore?

The website address for OnCore is https://uva-oncore-prod.advarra.app. New users will have to complete OnCore training before having access.

Who else uses OnCore?

Academic research centers, health care systems and cancer centers across the country use OnCore for managing their clinical trial information.  Notably, OnCore is used at other large research institutions including Yale University, Indiana University, University of California – San Francisco and Virginia Commonwealth University, to name a few.

For more information, contact OnCore Support:

Email: oncoresupport@hscmail.mcc.virginia.edu

(note: please do not include PHI in communications to OnCore support account)

Phone: 434.297.5757 Option #1