Introduction to CRConnect

What is CRConnect?

Clinical Research Connect is a hub to help you get organized for the study start-up, with instructions and steps of what’s needed, and which systems are involved. CRConnect provides opportunities to collaborate within the study team, where everyone will know where steps are and have access to the most updated information. This system will also provide single data entry and a more streamlined process for many study start-up components.

When is CRConnect coming for us?

Great news! The production link for CRConnect is now live and can be accessed here. Please feel free to reach out to CRConnect Support with any questions as you begin to work on your study start-up.

Why CRConnect?

The goals of implementing CRConnect across the School of Medicine are:

  • The ability to capture study start-up data electronically
  • Centralized, electronic submission & approval processes
  • Auto-generation of documents and forms
  • Automation of email notifications and process status
  • Integrated electronic document signature process
  • Clear visibility as to:
    • What compliance requirements and approvals the study requires and the approval status of each
    • The status of HSR/IRB Submission
    • The status of HSR/IRB Approval
    • The study “Open for Enrollment” status

For more information, contact CRConnect Support:


Phone: 434.297.5757, Option 2