Mar 01 Medicine Grand Rounds | Gerard Clancy, MD (Brodie Scholar Lecture): “A Story of Success in Reversing Urban Health Disparities”

March 1, 2017 by Health System Enterprise Calendar

[Pinn Hall 1-4] It has become apparent that where you live in a particular US city determines your predicted life expectancy. For example, in New Orleans there is a 25-year difference in life expectancy from one parish to another only 3 miles away. This pattern of great health divides repeats itself in Chicago, New York, the Bay Area and many more great American cities. In 2005, Tulsa, Oklahoma was one of the first cities to recognize these dramatic variations in neighborhood life expectancy with a 14-year difference in life expectancy between north and mid-town Tulsa. This presentation will discuss the journey, specific initiatives and lessons learned to improve health in north Tulsa from 2005 through 2015. In addition, the successes of the past decade have served as inspiration for another 10-year planning initiative focused on mental health system improvements in Tulsa, Oklahoma.