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CITI Training in Human Subject Research (Required)

At UVa, investigators/key personnel involved in human subject research are required to take online CITI training in human subject research once every three years.  This training is also accessed through the IRB-HSR website.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have taken CITI training at another institution and are now transferring to UVa- you must go to the CITI site, select UVa as your new institution, and complete the UVa CITI Basic Course appropriate to your role in research.  (See select the link below for instructions.)  After you have transferred your registration the CITI program will inform you regarding any additional modules you would need to complete.

Instructions for taking CITI Training.

General IRB Trainings

The IRB-HSR offers multiple avenues of education. On their website, under Researchers, you will find IRB-HSR Research Guidance. This is a wealth of helpful information encompassing topics on how the IRB functions and how researchers can conduct compliant and efficient clinical research.

 There are sections, on the IRB-HSR website, on Getting Started, the Protocol Review Process, and Managing your Protocol after the Initial Approval. The site has information from a Federal Guidance perspective and from a more practical perspective.

IRB Education.

IRB Learning Shots

The IRB-HSR Learning Shots provide focused, succinct, information on varying subjects of Human Subject Research.  The information is presented in both written format and written format with voice-over.  Topics covered include, but are not limited to:  Clinical Researcher Roles and Responsibilities (for both the Investigator and the Clinical Research Coordinator), how to use Protocol Builder, how to effectively write an informed consent form, managing international studies, and much much more.

IRB Learning Shots.


Netlearning offers online trainings and in person trainings for which UVa personnel can sign up. Please see the below link:

Sign up here.


Periodically the School of Medicine Clinical Trials Office will sign up for a webinar. Lori Elder will send out an email notification with instructions on how to sign up. Certificates of Completion are provided to attendees.  To add your email address to this distribution list, please contact Lori at, or Katie Rea at