COVID-19: Research Prioritization Committee

COVID-19 Research Prioritization Committee (CRPC)

CRPC Approved Proposals

See COVID-19 research proposals that have been approved by the CRPC.


During this unprecedented time, UVA is seeing an overwhelming research response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  The COVID-19 Research Prioritization Committee (CRPC) has been convened in an effort to synergize and support the research efforts of our community in this area, and to ensure the appropriate allocation of limited resources.

Note:  COVID-19 research studies that require access to patients and/or their families, biospecimens, medical team, or health record data will be required to submit their proposal to this committee. Laboratory projects that do not involve human subjects or their families, or human specimens, do not need to go through this process.

CRPC Approved Proposals

See COVID-19 research proposals that have been approved by the CRPC.


CRPC Responsibilities

The primary goal of the COVID-19 Research Prioritization Committee is two-fold:

  • Expedite the highest caliber scientifically sound research to better understand COVID-19 and bring diagnostic, prevention, and treatment options to patients as quickly as possible.
  • Ensure the most appropriate allocation of limited resources (personnel, specimens, supplies, resources, etc.).

The COVID-19 committee serves to prioritize the studies. Its review is designed to curate and manage emergent resources and is not intended as an IRB approval process.

CRPC Membership

The CRPC is chaired by Linda Duska, MD, Associate Dean for Clinical Research.

The committee is comprised of representatives from the Special Pathogens Unit (clinical and administrative), Infectious Diseases, Biorepository and Tissue Repository Facility (BTRF), Blood Bank, Center for Health Humanities and Ethics, iTHRIV, the IRB-HSR and the SOM Clinical Research Office.


CRPC Submission and Review Process

To submit a proposal, refer to the specific submission process for each subcommittee.

SubcommitteeResponsible SubcommitteeChair
Intervention protocolsTreatment Trial SubcommitteeKyle Enfield, MD
Biospecimen SubcommitteeColeen McNamara, MD
Public health and social sciences protocolsSocial Sciences SubcommitteeMary Faith Marshall, PhD