MICR 8204: Current Topics in Immunology

MICRO 8204 provides in depth coverage of selected contemporary topics in molecular and cellular immunology in a journal club/round-table discussion format. Two to three topics are chosen each semester and taught by different ITP mentors. While faculty provide introduction, background, and amplification at each session, class attendees are responsible for reading all papers, presentation, and discussion. Literature readings are chosen to highlight both fundamental conceptual advances and recent progress relevant to each topic. Outside activities include writing assignments designed to encourage curiosity, critical thinking, and integration, as well as writing skills. Students will learn how to critically evaluate primary literature and to clearly present scientific information. Upon request and in consultation with the course directors, advanced students and postdoctoral fellows may be allowed to take responsibility for selecting one of the topics, and serving as lecturers and discussion leaders, providing them with teaching exposure. Their performance is evaluated by the course director or other ITP mentors. Prerequisites: MICR 8200 and MICR 8202 or equivalent and permission of the instructors.