Mentors of the Immunology Training Program

The biomedical research environment at the UVA School of Medicine has a long been recognized for its scientific excellence and collegial interactions. Combined with cutting edge technological facilities, it is an ideal environment in which to train the next generation of immunologists. The ITP is grounded in an outstanding group of faculty mentors, whose research programs are based in immunology, but with an orientation towards infectious disease, cancer, development, vascular biology, or neuroscience. In keeping with this, the mentors are drawn from 8 University Departments and 7 Divisions of the Department of Internal Medicine. This diversity also brings together basic and clinically oriented scientists. Most mentor laboratories are within a 5 minute walk of one another, enhancing their participation in collaborative research and training activities. Members of this group contribute to and benefit from a rich intellectual research environment where trainees are exposed to the ideas and techniques of range of scientific disciplines necessary for productive research careers in the Immunology of the future.

Faculty Mentors:

Timothy Bender

Bender, Timothy P.

Regulation of gene expression during lymphocyte development

Grad Students: Daamen, Andrea

Larry Borish

Borish, Larry C

Innate immune mechanisms of rhinovirus (RV)-induced asthma exacerbations. Immune and cellular mechanisms of asthma. Immune mechanisms in chronic hyperplastic eosinophilic sinusitis (CHES).

Amy Bouton

Bouton, Amy H.

Signaling Pathways and Breast Cancer

Thomas Braciale

Braciale, Thomas J.

T Lymphocyte Responses To Virus Infection

Postdocs: Cardani, Amber  | Somerville, Lindsay | Cagnina, Elaine

Michael Brown

Brown, Michael G.

Natural Killer Cells, Viral Immunity, Genetic basis of host resistance to viral infection, Tumor immunity, Immune cell regulation

Postdocs: Nash, William    Grad Students: Gamache, Awndre

Timothy Bullock

Bullock, Timothy N.

Pathways to enhance T cell function in tumors.

Grad Students: Gemta, Lelisa | Stevens, Aaron  | Marissa Gonzales

Alison Criss

Criss, Alison K.

Cellular and molecular mechanisms of Neisserial pathogenesis

Postdocs: Juneau, Richard     Grad Students: Dunning, Rebecca | Ragland, Stephanie | Stevens, Jacqueline

Bimal Desai

Desai, Bimal N.

Ion channels and Ca2+-signaling in inflammation, immunity and tissue homeostasis

Postdocs: Mendu, Suresh     Grad Students: Schappe, Michael

Victor Engelhard

Engelhard, Victor H.

Identification of MHC-restricted tumor antigens / Control of T cell homing to tumors / Role of lymphatic endothelial cells in regulating immunity and self-tolerance

Postdocs: Berendam, Stella      Grad Students: Lulu, Amanda | Melssen, MaritRodriguez, Anthony

Loren Erickson

Erickson, Loren D.

Cellular and molecular mechanisms of B lymphocyte function; Genetic susceptibility in systemic lupus erythematosus; Immunotherapeutics in the treatment of B cell disorders

 Postdocs: Rosean, Timothy         Grad StudentsCox, Kelly

Sarah Ewald

Ewald, Sarah

Innate immunity, chronic disease, host-parasite interactions

   Grad StudentsMelchor, Stephanie

Shu Man Fu

Fu, Shu-Man

Human lymphocyte biology and autoimmunity

Alban Gaultier

Gaultier, Alban

Exploring new therapeutics avenues to treat Multiple Sclerosis.

  Postdocs:  Addington, Caroline

Richard Guerrant

Guerrant, Richard L.

Recognition, diagnosis, pathogenesis, impact, treatment and prevention of enteric infections; global health and tropical infectious diseases

Young Hahn

Hahn, Young S.

Immune regulation for HCV infection and chronic liver inflammation

 Postdocs:  Dandekar, Aditya      Grad Students: | Magoro, Tshifhiwa


Hammarskjöld, Marie-Louise

Post Transcriptional Gene Regulation and the Molecular Biology of Human Retroviruses

Tajie Harris

Harris, Tajie H.

Immune response to infectious disease in the CNS

 Grad Students: O'Brien, Carleigh

Donald Hunt

Hunt, Donald F.

Analytical Biochemistry

Postdocs: Malaker, Stacy        Grad Students: Speers, Ellen | Myers, Paisley

Dean Kedes

Kedes, Dean H.

Human Herpes virus associated with malignancy, including Kaposi's Sarcoma

Jonathan Kipnis

Kipnis, Jonathan

Neuroimmunology and glia biology in cognition, neurodevelopment and neurodegeneration

 PostdocsHerz, Jasmin | Louveau, Antoine        Grad Students: Cronk, James | Gadani, Sachin | Marin, Ioana | Norris, Geoffrey

Norbert Leitinger

Leitinger, Norbert

Role of lipid oxidation products in inflammation and vascular immunology in atherosclerosis and diabetes

Ulrike Lorenz

Lorenz, Ulrike M

Involvement of the protein tyrosine phosphatase SHP-1 in signal transduction pathways

Thomas Loughran, Jr.

Loughran, Jr., Thomas P

Hematologic malignancies; bone marrow disorders; leukemia; large granular lymphocyte (LGL)

 Grad Students: Kulling, Paige

Chance Luckey

Luckey, Chance John

Immune Memory

  PostdocsArneja, Abhinav |  Medved, Jelena           Grad StudentsBettina, Alexandra

John Lukens

Lukens, John R.

Understanding How Immunological Pathways Contribute to Neurodegenerative, Neurodevelopmental, Mental and Behavior Disorders

Coleen McNamara

McNamara, Coleen A.

Atherosclerosis, Obesity, Diabetes

 Grad Students: Upadhye, Aditi

Mark Okusa

Okusa, Mark D.

Immune mechanisms of acute kidney injury and fibrosis. Pulsed ultrasound in acute kidney injury

William Petri

Petri, William A.

Immune mechanisms of defense against enteric (diarrheal) infections

Postdocs: Burgess, Stacey | Marie, Chelsea | Moonah, Shannon | Steele, Shaun | Uchiyama, Robin | Watanabe, Koji                                      Grad Students😐 Noor, Zannatun | Saleh, Mahmoud

Thomas Platts-Mills

Platts-Mills, Thomas A.

Common Allergic Diseases

Rebecca Pompano

Pompano, Rebecca

Bioanalytical tools for inflammatory disease

Kodi Ravichandran

Ravichandran, Kodi S.

Apoptotic cell clearance mechanisms in health and disease

Postdocs: Arandjelovic, Sanja | Morioka, Sho        Grad Students:  Medina, Christopher

Melanie Rutkowski

Rutkowski, Melanie

Influence of commensal microbes on immune homeostasis, anti-tumor immunity, and metastasis

  PostdocsRosean, Claire

Craig Slingluff, Jr MD

Slingluff, Craig L.

Human Tumor Cell Antigens

   Grad StudentsLeick, Katie |  Melssen, Marit

Judith Woodfolk

Woodfolk, Judith A.

Cellular and molecular mechanisms of allergic disease in humans.

 Grad Students: Eccles, Jacob | Muehling, Lyndsey

Eli Zunder

Zunder, Eli

Stem Cell Behavior