Stasiak, Katarzyna (Engelhard)

April 19, 2018 by

Stasiak, Katarzyna (Engelhard)

Graduate Student

Research Interest:

I am a Visiting Research Graduate Trainee from Poland. Currently, I am a final year student of interdisciplinary science studies with medical biophysics specialization and with background in molecular biotechnology and technical biochemistry from University of Lodz. In the scope of my studies, I was learning and working in distinct European science facilities, where I was a participating in various projects concerning the role of Nrf2 transcription factor in the regulation of proteasome and autophagy genes in the context of Alzheimer disease, or the application of nanogold particles as siRNA carriers.

Last year, I have spent in CVRC center where I was investigating the role of Oct4 pluripotency factor in the formation of the vasculature in the model of spontaneous medulloblastoma. I was studying phenotypically modulated smooth muscle cells and their contribution to the primary vasculature development.