2020 CIC Travel for Techniques Awards

  • Goal: to enable trainees to visit another laboratory for the purpose of learning an experimental technique, or studying a particular animal model, that is not available at the University of Virginia.
  • Eligibility: graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and junior faculty associated with CIC faculty labs (both resident and non-resident)
  • Duration: Depending on the complexity of the technique or model, lab visits might last from 1 to 2 weeks, or involved two separated visits.
  • Expectations: We expect that the influx of new technologies will make the Carter Immunology Center both cutting edge and competitive for additional funding and recruiting. I hope these visits will also build strong collaborative ties to laboratories outside UVA.
  • Amount: These awards are designed to support transportation costs, living expenses (standard UVA per diem of $70 + lodging), and a small supply budget. In some instances, the travel allowance of a student supported by the Immunology Training grant may be used to defray additional travel costs. We expect that, when possible, applicants will also apply to the American Association of Immunologists Travel for Techniques Program (http://www.aai.org/Careers/TfT.html), which could provide up to $1500 in additional funds.  To facilitate that, we will use the forms for that program (see attached). Please note that one of these forms is a signed written confirmation from the head of the hosting laboratory agreeing to the visit.  This program is quite flexible in order to allow for a range of different activities, and that these visits may take some planning. We envision a maximum award of $5000, although most will be for less. In order to get a sense of how many awards might be made and overall budgets


 Click here to open AAI Travel Techniques form