The Carter Symposium

Carter Symposium – Ion Channels Pores and Transporters in Immunology and Tissue Homeostasis (hosted by Bimal Desai) is scheduled for Spring 2022.

The theme for 2019’s Carter Symposium was “Novel Insights into Systemic and Cell Autonomous Control of Immunity”. Frederic Geissman (MSK Cancer Center), Bana Jabri (Univ. of Chicago), John MacMicking (Yale), and David Schneider (Stanford). And this year’s hosts were Melanie Rutkowski, Rebecca Pompano, Bimal Desai and Sarah Ewald.













2018’s symposium was hosted by John Lukens, PhD (Neuroscience), and brought together leading researchers on the topic of “Balancing Immune Homeostasis and the Response to Danger Signals”