2016-17 Research in Progress


RIP — Fall 2016
Sept. 14 Amber Cardani, PhD
Braciale Lab
Leptin and The Influenza-Specific T and B Cell Response
Sept. 21 Drew Cobb, PhD
Hahn Lab
Liver exosomes promote T follicular regulatory cell responses during hepatitis C virus infection
Sept. 28 Paige Kulling
Loughran Lab
Vitamin D inhibits the STAT1-IFN-gamma pathway in T-LGL leukemia
Oct. 12 Kelly Cox
Erickson Lab
Understanding the induction and maintenance of IgE+ B cells in red meat allergy
Oct. 19 Lelisa Gemta
Bullock Lab
Enolase 1 Posttranslational Regulation As a Mediator of Metabolic Deficiency of Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes
Oct. 26 Lucas Jennelle, PhD
Hahn Lab
HCV Exposure Alters Macrophage Metabolism to Affect Immune Responses
Nov. 2 Anthony Rodriguez
Engelhard Lab
Mechanisms Controlling the Development of Tumor-Associated Tertiary Lymphoid Structures and their Potential Role in Antitumor Immunity
Nov. 9 Bart Lambrecht, PhD
Ghent University, Belgium
Integration of the innate/adaptive immune axis in allergic asthma
Nov. 16 Emily Mercadante
Lorenz Lab
SHP-1 regulates the susceptibility of conventional CD4+ and CD8+ T cells to suppression by regulatory T cell
Nov. 30 Kristen Penberthy
Ravichandran Lab
Mer is a unique phosphatidylserine receptor in the retinal pigment epithelium
Dec. 7 Marit Melssen
Engelhard Lab
The function of retention integrins on tumor infiltrating lymphocytes and control of their expression
Dec 14 Aditya Dandekar, PhD
Hahn Lab
ER stress responses in HCV infection and its potential implications in NLRP inflammasome

RIP — Spring 2017
Jan. 11 Alex Michaels, PhD
Slingluff Lab
CD47 Blockade Inhibits Outgrowth of Metastatic Pancreatic Cancer
Jan. 18 Amber Woods
Engelhard Lab
Effector CD8 T-cells use different homing receptor/ligand interactions to enter subcutaneous and intraperitoneal B16 melanomas
Jan. 25 Abhinav Arneja , PhD
Luckey Lab
IL-6 receptor signaling on CD4 T cells drives RBC alloimmunization and TFH differentiation in response to transfused RBCs in a murine model
Feb. 1 Awndre Gamache
Brown Lab
NK cells require both inhibitory and activation Ly49 receptors to mediate MHC I Dk-dependent MCMV resistance
Feb. 8 Lyndsey Muehling
Woodfolk Lab
Amplified anti-viral responses to experimental rhinovirus infection in allergic asthmatic subjects
Feb. 15 Ashley Wilson, PhD
Engelhard Lab
CTLA-4 blockade enhances effector CD8+ T cell entry into a subset of subcutaneous B16 melanoma
Feb. 22 Jasmin Herz, PhD
Kipnis Lab
Meningeal lymphatics promote local immune cell trafficking to draining lymph nodes: implications for viral–induced meningitis?
Mar. 1 Carleigh O’Brien
Harris Lab
ICOS signaling suppresses an excessive T cell response in the CNS during chronic T. gondii infection
Mar. 8 Nicole McKenna
Englehard Lab
Transcriptional regulation of tolerogenic lymph node lymphatic endothelial cells
Mar. 15 Amanda Lulu
Englehard Lab
Pre-Existing Immune Memory in Healthy Donors to Cancer-Associated Phosphopeptides
Mar. 22 Kathryn Michels
Mehrad Lab
Hepcidin-mediated iron sequestration suppresses bacterial dissemination during Gram-negative pneumonia
Mar. 29 Aditi Upadhye
McNamara Lab
CXCR4 Mediates B1 Cell Localization, Proliferation, and Survival, and Consequently Impacts Production of Atheroprotective IgM Antibody
Apr. 12 Tshifhiwa Magoro
Hahn Lab
Cholesterol 25-hydroxylase induction by TRL3/TLR4 agonist in human THP-1 macrophages involves MyD88, NF-kB and JAK signaling pathway
Alyse Frisbee
Petri Lab
Balancing TLR2 and IL-33 immune pathways to protect during Clostridium difficile infection
Apr. 19 Ok-Kyung Kim
Hahn Lab
Potential role of Panx1/P2X4 pathway in exosome release during HCV infection
Aaron Stevens
Bullock Lab
Targeting Melanoma in the Brain
Apr. 26 Jake Eccles
Woodfolk Lab
B-Cell Immunity and Dysfunction in Human Rhinovirus Infection
May 3 Tim Rosean, PhD
Erickson Lab
Plasma Cell Heterogeneity in a Mouse Model of Lupus
May 10 Lindsay Somerville, MD
Braciale Lab
Alveolar Macrophages regulate the susceptibility of Alveolar Epithelial Cells to Influenza Virus infection
May 24 Claire Rosean, PhD
Rutkowski Lab
The effects of commensal dysbiosis on checkpoint blockade in breast cancer
May 31 Marissa Gonzales
Bullock Lab
Modulation of tumor infiltrating lymphocyte metabolism by mitochondrial fusion and fission