Research in Progress

Research-in-Progress (RIP) is a place for graduate students and postdocs to present their ongoing research results and to receive feedback from other researchers (i.e. students, postdocs, faculty). Questions and discussions provide technical solutions and help bring new ideas to current research. Lunch is provided.

Every Wednesday in MR6, Rm 3501, from 12pm to 1pm (unless otherwise indicated).

RIP — Fall 2017
Sept. 13 Paige Kulling
Loughran lab
title: “The IFN-γ-STAT1 Canonical Signaling Pathway is Dysregulated in T Cell Large Granular Lymphocyte Leukemia and is a Target of Vitamin D Treatment”
Sept. 20 Amber Cardani, PhD
Braciale lab
title: “Leptin Deficit Induces Alterations To The Lymph Node Stroma That Associate With An Ineffective Influenza Adaptive Response”
Sept. 27 Oscar Onyema, PhD
Krupnick lab
title: “TH-1 Polarized Eosinophils are Critical for Lung Allograft Acceptance”
Oct. 4 Maura Belanger
Pompano lab
title: “Validation of Live Lymph Node Slices as an Experimental Platform”
Oct. 11 Stella Berendam, PhD
Engelhard lab
title: “RNA-seq study reveals tissue-specific functions of murine lymphatic endothelial cells”
Oct. 18 Kelly Cox
Erickson lab
title:  “Identifying and understanding the B cell subsets that mediate red meat allergy”
Oct. 25 Stephanie Melchor
Ewald lab
title:  “Toxoplasma gondii infection as a novel model of cachexia”
Nov. 8 Lelisa Gemta
Bullock lab
title:  “Post-translational regulation of enolase 1 restrains the metabolic and functional activity of tumor infiltrating CD8+ T cells”
Nov. 15 Billy Nash, PhD
Brown lab
title:  “Effects of CMV conditioning in a model of sepsis”
Nov. 29 Aaron Stevens
Bullock lab
title: “Brain melanoma: where are the T cells?”
Dec. 6 Lyndsey Muehling
Woodfolk lab
title: “Experimental infection with human rhinovirus reveals amplified anti-viral responses in allergic asthmatics”
Dec 13 Jake Eccles
Woodfolk lab
title: “B-cell Immunity to Human Rhinovirus Infection in Health and Disease”
Dec 20 Aditya Dandekar, PhD
Hahn lab
title:  “Characterization of macrophage NLRP12 during Hepatitis C Virus infection”



RIP — Spring 2018
Jan. 10 Ok-Kyung Kim, PhD
Hahn lab
title:  “Role of Panx1/P2X4 pathway in exosome release during HCV infection”
Jan. 24 Aditi Upadhye
McNamara lab
title:  “CXCR4 distinguishes and maintains atheroprotective IgM-producing B-1a cells”
Feb. 7 Stacey Burgess
Petri lab
title:  “Clostridia mediated alteration of hematopoiesis and protection from Entamoeba histolytica”
Feb. 21 Jhansi Leslie, PhD
Petri lab
title:  “Determining the Role of cAMP Response Element Modulator (CREM) in Mucosal Inflammation”
Feb. 28 Carleigh O’Brien
Harris lab
title:  “ICOS signaling regulates T cell responses in the CNS during chronic T. gondii infection”
Mar. 7 Marit Melssen
Engelhard/Slingluff labtitle: “Formation and function of CD49a+ CD49b+ and CD103+ CD8 T cells in murine and human tumors”
Mar. 14 Caroline Addington, PhD
Gaultier lab
title:  “Meningeal immunity in stress and depression.”
Mar. 28 Amber Woods
Engelhard lab
title:  “Impact of CTLA4 Blockade on the Microenvironment of B16 Melanoma”
Apr. 4 Anthony Rodriguez
Engelhard lab
title: “Identification, characterization and development of tumor-associated tertiary lymphoid structures in B16 murine melanoma”
Apr. 11 Claire Rosean, PhD
Rutkowski lab
title: “Effect of commensal dysbiosis on checkpoint blockade in hormone-receptor positive breast cancer”
Apr. 18 Andrea Daamen
Bender lab
title:   “Defining the role of c-Myb in B cell metabolism across the pre-BCR checkpoint”
Apr. 25 Alyse Frisbee
Petri lab
title: “The Role of IL-33 during Clostridium difficile Colitis”
May 2 Marissa Gonzales
Bullock lab
title:  “Elongation of the Mitochondrial Network to Improve Cytotoxic CD8+ Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocyte Function”
May 16 Tim Rosean, PhD
May 23 Amanda Lulu
Engelhard lab
May 30 Morgan Simpson
Petri lab