Research in Progress

Research-in-Progress (RIP) is a place for graduate students and postdocs to present their ongoing research results and to receive feedback from other researchers (i.e. students, postdocs, faculty). Questions and discussions provide technical solutions and help bring new ideas to current research. Lunch is provided.

Every Wednesday in MR6, Rm 3501, from 12pm to 1pm (unless otherwise indicated).

RIP Fall 2018

Sept. 26Stephanie Melchor
Ewald Lab
title: “Toxoplasma gondii induces IL-1 dependent cachexia and liver fibrosis in mice.”
Oct. 3
Maura Belanger
Pompano Lab
title: “Staining of primary splenocytes with bright blue fluorescent boron-based nanoparticles”
Oct. 10
Michael Schappe
Desai Lab
title: “Corpses for Charon: regulation of phagosome maturation during apoptotic cell clearance”
Oct. 17Oscar Onyema
Krupnick Lab
title: “Downregulation of Alloimmunity by Eosinophils as a Unique Method of Immunosuppression for the Lung Allograft”
Oct.24Jeffrey Wilson
Platts-Mills Lab
title: “Clinical and epidemiologic investigations into the α-Gal syndrome: insights into IgE sensitization to galactose-α-1,3-galactose and implications beyond food allergy?”
Oct.31Aaron Stevens
Bullock Lab
title: “Vaccination controls tumor growth through in situ modulation of T cells”
Nov. 7Awndre Gamache
Brown Lab
title: “Self-awareness drives NK cell activation and host resistance to murine cytomegalovirus infection”
Robin Lindsay
Engelhard Lab
title: “Do innate immune cells alter T cell presence within the tumor microenvironment?”
Nov. 28Jake Eccles
Woodfolk Lab
title: “Human Rhinovirus Infection Highlights B-cell Effector Memory”
Dec. 5Aditi Upadhye
McNamara Lab
title: “Chemokine receptor regulation of B-1 cell natural antibody production”Aditi Upadhye
McNamara Lab
title: “Chemokine receptor regulation of B-1 cell natural antibody production”
Dec. 12Jelena Medved
Luckey Lab
title: “Pou6f1 – A Novel Regulator of Immune Memory“

RIP Spring 2019

Jan. 16Anthony Rodriguez
Engelhard Lab: "Adaptive and innate immunity polarize cancer-associated fibroblasts into organizer cells that orchestrate tumor-associated tertiary lymphoid structure formation"
Jan. 23Bocheng Yin
Ewald Lab: "Proteomic study on various interesting micro-structures aided by precise spatial labeling"
Jan. 30Jhansi Leslie
Petri Lab: "Unraveling the Role of Histo-Blood Group Antigens in Susceptibility to Gastrointestinal Pathogens"
Feb. 6Abhinav Arneja
Luckey Lab: "Cytokine signaling regulation of memory CD8+ T lymphocyte homeostatic self-renewal"
Feb. 27Marit Melssen Engelhard/Slingluff Lab "Integrin expression on tumor infiltrating CD8 T cells affects differentiation state and functional capacity"
Mar. 6Claire Rosean
Rutkowski Lab: "Commensal dysbiosis enhances breast cancer dissemination and promotes resistance to immunotherapy"
Mar. 13Xiaoyu Zhao
Ewald Lab: "The inflammatory caspase response to Toxoplasma gondii infection in BMDCs"
Mar. 20Morgan Simpson
Petri Lab: "Investigating the Role of TLR2 Signaling in Exacerbation of Clostridium difficile Colitis"
Mar. 27Amanda Lulu
Engelhard Lab: "Investigating the basis for pre-existing immune memory in healthy individuals to cancer-associated phosphopeptides"
Apr. 3Andrea Daamen
Bender Lab: "c-Myb is critical for maintenance of glucose metabolism and proliferation across the pre-BCR checkpoint"
Apr. 10Marissa Gonzales
Bullock Lab: "Manipulating mitochondria to improve tumor infiltrating lymphocyte function"
Apr. 17Tzu-Yu Feng
Rutkowski Lab: "Elucidating the role of gut commensal dysbiosis during the promotion of metastatic breast cancer"
Apr. 24Iker Etchegaray
Ravichandran Lab: ""Insulin, a new role in retinal homeostasis and disease?"
May 15Philip Seegren
Desai Lab: "Mitochondrial Ca2+ as a bio-energetic switch during inflammation and host defense"
May 22Allie Donlan
Petri Lab: "Downstream Mediators of Type 2 Immunity in C. Difficile infection"
Maureen Cowan
Harris Lab: "A Role for Microglial STAT1 Signaling in Controlling Cerebral Toxoplasmosis"
May 29Jack Cronk
Brown Lab: "Allele-specific CRISPR-editing reveals protective role of inhibitory receptor in host resistance to virus infection"
Anupam Prakash
Luckey Lab: "Role of STAT6 in RBC alloimmunization"