CIC Seminar Series

The CIC Seminar Series is a cornerstone and vital conduit of the UVA Immunology community. It is dedicated to enhancing education, knowledge and research on the immune system, by inviting local, national and international experts and leaders in the field to visit and speak at UVA. It gives faculty, research associates and students the opportunity to meet and network, and it provides a forum to present and discuss cutting-edge discoveries in immunology. The CIC Seminar Series also cultivates innovative research opportunities by developing and extending interaction and collaboration, both within and beyond UVA. So, whether you are passionate for biochemistry, biomedical engineering, cell or systems biology, genetics, microbiology, pharmacology, or something in between, the CIC Seminar Series has something for everyone! The seminars are from 4:00p to 5:00p and are held in Pinn Hall room 1-17. We look forward to seeing you there!

CIC Seminar Series — Fall 2018
Date Seminar
Sept. 17 Mariella Seelaender, MSc, PhD
University of Sao Paulo
Seminar Title: Systemic Inflammation in Cancer Cachexia: Source and Therapy
Host: Sarah Ewald
Sept. 24 Joseph Sun, PhD
Memorial Sloan Kettering
Seminar Title: Epigenetic control of innate and adaptive lymphocyte memory
Host: Student Carter Immunology Delegates
Oct. 8 Gerald Linette, MD, PhD
University of Pennsylvania
Seminar Title: Melanoma Neoantigen Discovery and Clinical Validation
Host: Alexander (Sasha) Krupnick
Oct. 16 Anna Huttenlocher, MD
University of Wisconsin
Carter Lecture: Imaging inflammation and its resolution: implications to human disease
Host: Timothy Bender
Oct. 22 Marko Radic, PhD
University of Tennessee
Seminar Title: Could B Cell Depletion Work for Lupus After All? Studies with CARs and Mice
Host: Loren Erickson
Oct. 29 Tanya Mayadas, PhD
Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Seminar Title: Regulation of neutrophil recruitment in IgG-mediated glomerulonephritis
Host: Shu Man Fu
Nov. 5 Robin Stephens, PhD
University of Texas – Galveston
Seminar Title: Protection by and maintenance of CD4 effector memory and effector T cell subset in persistent malaria infection
Host: Michael Brown
Nov. 12 Peter Heeger, MD
Mt. Sinai
Seminar Title: Complement’s multifaceted impact on adaptive immune responses
Host: Shu Man Fu
Nov. 19 Bryan Yipp, MD/MSc
University of Calgary
Seminar Title: The fate and function of vascular lung neutrophils
Host: Kodi Ravichandran/Sanja Arandjelovic
Dec. 3 acob Kohlmeier, PhD
Emory University
Seminar Title: The rise and fall of lung resident memory CD8 T cell subsets
Host: Thomas Braciale
Dec. 17 Nora Barrett, MD
Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School
Seminar Title: Airway remodeling in 2018: from form to function
Host: Larry Borish
CIC Seminar Series — Spring 2019
Date Seminar
Jan. 7 Ankit Bharat, MBBS
Northwestern University
Seminar Title: Experimental Modeling of Alloimmunity in Lung Transplantation
Host: Sasha Krupnick
Jan. 28 Joel Collier, PhD
Duke University
Seminar Title: Supramolecular Immunomodulators
Host: Rebecca Pompano
Feb. 11 Paula Bos, PhD
Virginia Commonwealth University
Seminar Title: Tumor-promoting mechanisms of regulatory T cells in breast cancer
Host: Melanie Rutkoswki
Feb. 18 Benjamin Youngblood, PhD
St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
Seminar Title: Epigenetic T cell exhaustion: Implications for Immunotherapy
Host: Timothy Bullock
Feb. 25 Joseph Landry, PhD
Virginia Commonwealth University
Seminar Title: Sensitization of Breast Cancers to Chemotherapy by Inhibition of NURF Chromatin Remodeling Activity
Host: Michael Brown
Mar. 4 Peter Savage, PhD
University of Chicago
Seminar Title: Regulatory T cell choreography directed by endogenous self ligands
Host: Kenneth Tung
Mar. 11 Claudia Jakubzick, PhD
National Jewish Health
Seminar Title: Mononuclear phagocytes display coordinated, non-redundant roles in cancer and allogenic rejection
Host: Kodi Ravichandran/Christopher Lucas
Mar. 18 Marisa Alegre, MD, PhD
University of Chicago
Seminar Title: New Insights into Transplant Rejection and Tolerance
Host: Sasha Krupnick
Mar. 25 Glen Barber, PhD
University of Miami
Seminar Title: STING Controlled Innate Immune Signaling, Inflammation, and Cancer
Host: John Lukens
Apr. 1 Jennifer Martinez, PhD
The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS)
Seminar Title: Non-Canonical Autophagy Mediates Immunosuppression during Challenge
Host: John Lukens
Apr. 8 Claudia Kemper, PhD
National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI), NIH
Seminar Title: The complosome in the regulation of normal cell physiology
Host: Ron Taylor
Apr. 22 Christian Stehlik, PhD
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
Seminar Title: fending off LPS-induced pyroptosis in macrophages
Host: Nagaraj Kerur
Apr. 29 2019 Carter Immunology Center Symposium
May 6 Ken Tung, MD
University of Virginia
Seminar Title: Testis Antigens And Regulatory T Cells
Host: Mike Brown