The Rutkowski lab wins an AAI travel award

Recently, Melanie Rutkowski was granted a travel award from the American Association of Immunologists which provides funds for the PIs or members of their labs to another laboratory to learn a technique that is not readily available to their institution. Fortunately, this award has been amplified … [Read more...]

The impact of antibiotics on the microbiome…

Carter Center member, Bill Petri, talks about the impact of over-prescription of antibiotics on the microbiome and the new paper published in "PLoS Pathogens" with his colleagues. UVA Newsroom article PLoS Pathogens page. … [Read more...]

Melchor and Byrnes awarded a ‘Double Hoo’

Two members of the Sarah Ewald lab, Stephanie Melchor (a graduate student) Kari Byrnes (an undergraduate), were awarded a joint Double-Hoo award to study how local tissue inflammation during Toxoplasma infection can lead to chronic muscle wasting and cachexia. Melchor and Byrnes will use microscopy … [Read more...]

Criss — Director of the new Global Infectious Diseases Institute

Carter Center faculty member, Allison Criss has been appointed the director of the new Global Infectious Diseases Institute, a pan-University effort to reformulate the ways we respond to infectious disease outbreaks. Read more.... … [Read more...]

Emily Mercadante completes her PhD

In June, Emily Mercadante (Lorenz Lab) successfully defended her thesis “The Role of SHP-1 in regulating the T cell response to suppression by regulatory T cells”. This work identified a novel role for SHP-1 as a regulator of CD4+ and CD8+ T cell susceptibility to regulatory T cell suppression in … [Read more...]

Rosean awarded a 2017 AAI Fellowship

This month, Tim Rosean, a postdoc in the Erickson lab was awarded a 2017 AAI Careers in Immunology Fellowship. Nice work, Tim! … [Read more...]

Parlak awarded an AAI Fellowship

This month, Mahmut Parlak, a postdoc in the Lorenz lab was awarded a 2017 AAI Careers in Immunology Fellowship. Congratulations, Mahmut! … [Read more...]

Tom Platts-Mills continues to develop the story of the possible consequences of a tick bite.

CIC Member and Chair of Allergy and Immunology Division in the Department of Medicine moves forward with the interesting story of meat allergies induced by exposure to Lone Star ticks. Read more.... … [Read more...]

Congratulations to Jessica Chandrasekhar!

Jessica Chandrasekhar, an undergraduate in the Erickson lab, just received a Hutcheson Family Fund Award to do full time research over the summer in the Erickson Lab. … [Read more...]

Kathy Michels completes her PhD

In late May, Kathy Michels successfully defended her thesis "Iron uptake in host defense against pneumonia". Her work in Borna Mehrad's lab examined the role of microbial iron uptake in two distinct models of pneumonia. In one project, she found that the iron regulatory hormone hepcidin protects … [Read more...]