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Karolina Dziewulska Outstanding Abstract Award AABB 2021


Karolina Dziewulska awarded the AABB Outstanding Abstract Award for Trainees in the Medical/Graduate Student category for the abstract Resistance to Drug-Induced Hemolysis and Higher Enzymatic Activity in Young Vs. Older…

Arijita Jash Top Poster Award at AABB 2021


Arijita Jash in Zimring Lab won the Top Poster Award at AABB in 2021 for her abstract Mechanism of Anti-RBC IgG Regulating Immunogenicity of Transfused RBCs.  Congratulations!!

Tiffany Terry defends thesis!


In May, Tiffany Terry successfully defended her thesis, “The role of IGF1 signaling in the development of cerebellar granule cells.” Her work in Hui Zong’s lab focused on determining whether…

Congratulations Stephanie Melchor!


In May, Stephanie Melchor successfully defended her thesis, “IL-1R drives acute disease tolerance, liver and skeletal muscle fibrosis, and sustained cachexia during T. gondii infection.” During her work in Sarah…

Maura Belanger Defends Ph.D.


In May Maura Belanger successfully defended her Ph.D. Thesis “Development and Characterization of Analytical Tools to Study Immunity Ex Vivo.” Her work in the CIC Faculty Member, Rebecca Pompano’s lab…