Amber Woods completes PhD

In November, Amber Woods successfully defended her thesis "Effector CD8 T-cell entry into subcutaneous and intraperitoneal B16 melanoma tumors". Her work in Vic Engelhard's lab examined the requirements for CD8 T-cell entry into B16 melanomas growing in different anatomic locations. She found that … [Read more...]

Criss Named Pinn Scholar

CIC member, Alison Criss was named one of the four Pinn Scholars for 2017-2018. The Pinn Scholars program was designed to support and recognize our mid-level faculty and is named in honor of Dr. Vivian Pinn, a graduate of the UVA School of Medicine Class on 1967, founding director of the Office of … [Read more...]

Ambati and Kerur — Macular Degeneration

CIC members, Jayakrishna Ambati and Nagaraj Kerur have just published a paper in "Nature Medicine" dealing with inflammation and Macular Degeneration. To read the UVA Newsroom article, click here. To go to Ambati's "Nature Medicine" article, click here... … [Read more...]

Tom Loughran and the LGL Leukemia Registry

It's an exciting time to be in Cancer Immunology. This article discusses diagnostic possibilities open to CIC member and UVA Cancer Center Director, Thomas P. Loughran, MD. Read more.... And here is a link to The LGL Leukemia Registry page. Read more.... … [Read more...]

Global Infectious Diseases Institute Poised to Move Forward After First Meeting

The Global Infectious Diseases Institute Poised to Move Forward After First Meeting. Alison Criss, a CIC member and Director or the Institute outlined the request for proposals to the Institute. Read more..... … [Read more...]

Morioka Receives Kanae Foundation Award

Sho Morioka, PhD in the lab or CIC researcher, Kodi Ravichandran was awarded a Kanae Foundation Grant. Read more.... … [Read more...]

Rutkowski Awarded a Susan G. Komen Grant

CIC Resident Faculty Member, Melanie Rutkowski was recently awarded a $450K grant to study the impact of the microbiome on breast cancer, in particular metastatic forms of the disease. The award was made by The Susan G. Komen Organization. The Susan G. Komen Organization addresses breast cancer … [Read more...]

Developing new therapies: Lee, Lum, Kipnis

A broad array of therapies are being developed within the UVA immunology community. The first section of the article focuses on Trey Lee's CAR T cell work. The subsequent sections focus on the work of CIC faculty members, Larry Lum and Jonathan Kipnis. Read more.... … [Read more...]

Melanoma group collaborations moving forward

Collaborations among researchers interested in Melanoma are moving forward. This article concerns Ken Hsu's new grant and the way it weaves into the work of Carter Center faculty members, Don Hunt, Craig Slingluff and Tim Bullock. Read more.... … [Read more...]

The Rutkowski lab wins an AAI travel award

Recently, Melanie Rutkowski was granted a travel award from the American Association of Immunologists which provides funds for the PIs or members of their labs to another laboratory to learn a technique that is not readily available to their institution. Fortunately, this award has been amplified … [Read more...]