UVA Team Wins $3.4 Million NIH Grant to Develop Mini-Lymph Node Model

October 21, 2019 by

The National Institutes of Health has awarded $3.4 million to a team of researchers at the University of Virginia and Virginia Tech to develop and produce a “lymph node on a chip.” This tiny, yet sophisticated physical model of the gland will be designed to help researchers better understand the inner workings of the node itself, and, thereby, the broader immune system.

The multi-disciplinary team consists of three Carter Center members and one researcher from Virginia Tech. The team includes principal investigator Rebecca Pompano, a UVA professor of chemistry and biomedical engineering, who researches the lymphatic system; Tom Braciale and John Luckey, both UVA physicians and pathologists; and Jennifer Munson, a professor of biomedical engineering at Virginia Tech.

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