Lyndsey Muehling completes PhD

February 26, 2019 by

Lyndsey Muehling, PhD

In October, Lyndsey Muehling successfully defended her thesis “CD4+ T cell mechanisms of cross-protective rhinovirus immunity and rhinovirus-induced allergic asthma.” Her work in Judith Woodfolk’s lab focused on the role of circulating CD4+ T cells during rhinovirus infections in humans, both within the context of providing protection from the common cold and as a trigger of allergic asthma. She first described conserved rhinovirus epitopes that are targeted by T cells in healthy subjects, and defined a protective immune response to experimental infections that is characterized by the activation and expansion of CCR5+ Th1 cells. In addition, she observed that anti-viral Th1 responses were enhanced in allergic asthmatics during rhinovirus infection within the context of allergic Th2 inflammation. Other collaborative work also identified CCR5+ Th1 signatures in the lungs of children with severe treatment-refractory asthma.

Congratulations, Lyndsey!