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    “Balancing Immune Homeostasis with the Need to Respond to Endogenous Danger Signals”

    The first annual Carter Symposium -- Monday, April 30, 2018, 1-5 PM, Pinn Hall Conference Center was a smashing success with a packed house!  Thanks to all who attended.   The speakers were -- - Alexander Rudensky, PhD, Chair, Immunology Program, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center - … [Read More...]

    Nanoarchitecture of a viral chromatin tether

    CIC research, Dean Kedes and his collaborators have recently published findings in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences detailing their work with super-resolution microscopy. Click here to read the UVA Today article. Click here to read the PNAS report. … [Read More...]

    Getting past the blood-brain barrier

    The team of CIC researcher, Jonathan Kipnis continues to make great progress in neuro-immunology.  In a recent article published in "The Journal of Experimental Medicine", Kipnis' team reveals both new ways to get macrophages past the blood-brain barrier and also a means of tracking those cells … [Read More...]

    Larry Lum and immunotherapy for brain cancers

    In this article, Carter Center researcher, Larry Lum, discusses the uses of immunotherapy for brain cancers (e.g. glioblastoma) -- and the long and winding road of challenges that we face in developing cures. Read more.... … [Read More...]

    Marissa Gonzales wins AAI Travel Award

    Marissa Gonzales (Bullock Lab) has won an AAI Travel Award to attend "IMMUNOLOGY 2018" which will be held in Austin, Texas this May. … [Read More...]

    Desai Lab develops a new approach to inflammation in the brain.

    The lab of Carter Center Member, Bimal Desai, recently published findings on a new approach to controlling inflammation on the other side of the blood-brain barrier. To read the "UVA Today" article, click here. To read the "Immunity" article, click here. … [Read More...]

    Amber Woods completes PhD

    In November, Amber Woods successfully defended her thesis "Effector CD8 T-cell entry into subcutaneous and intraperitoneal B16 melanoma tumors". Her work in Vic Engelhard's lab examined the requirements for CD8 T-cell entry into B16 melanomas growing in different anatomic locations. She found that … [Read More...]

    Criss Named Pinn Scholar

    CIC member, Alison Criss was named one of the four Pinn Scholars for 2017-2018. The Pinn Scholars program was designed to support and recognize our mid-level faculty and is named in honor of Dr. Vivian Pinn, a graduate of the UVA School of Medicine Class on 1967, founding director of the Office of … [Read More...]

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