Carter Immunology Center

Investigators at the Carter Immunology Center seek a fundamental understanding of how the immune system works in order to develop the revolutionary new treatments focused on controlling the immune response for major diseases such as cancer, heart disease and asthma.  Immunological research is intensely multi-disciplinary and ideally collaborative, relying on well-trained immunologists interacting with researchers in other biomedical disciplines. These considerations drive our organization and educational programs. We identify, train, and support the career paths of the next generation of immunology researchers.

UVA Carter Immunology Center group photo

Immunology Training Program

The Immunology Training Program provides a comprehensive and focused exposure to the workings of the immune system, and the opportunity to engage in independent research activities with world-class investigators in the field of Immunology.
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New research from UVA has shown how our DNA determines our ability to fight off viruses, revealing that many genes work together to control immune cells, tissue inflammation, even our body weight after infection.
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CIC Seminar Series

The CIC Seminar Series is dedicated to enhancing education, knowledge and research on the immune system, by inviting local, national and international experts and leaders in the field to visit and speak at UVA.
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