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    John Lukens — the microbiome and neurodevelopmental disorders

    CIC Researcher, John Lukens, continues to push forward with the story of the microbiome's role in neurodevelopmental disorders. In recently published work, his group focuses on influencing the microbiota of the gut and also ablation of IL-17a signaling to prevent development of neurodevelopmental … [Read More...]

    Global Infectious Diseases Institute funds first wave of projects.

    The Global Infectious Diseases Institute, directed by CIC member, Alison Criss, has rolled out it's first wave funding for seven projects. Read more.... … [Read More...]

    The Microglia Story Continues to Develop

    Microglial phagocytosis of neuro-degenerative material is a very complicated subject to study. Yet the research group of Carter Center member, Jonathan Kipnis, continues to forge ahead with new findings. In this case, they just published a recent report on the subject in a brain injury model with … [Read More...]

    Ticks and Heart Disease

    Carter Center Members,  Coleen McNamara and Tom Platts-Mills, just published interesting findings concerning the development of heart disease associated with a red meat allergy that is, itself, engendered by a tick bite. To read the UVA Newsroom article, click here....  To read their findings … [Read More...]

    Congratulations to Claire and Robin!

    Claire Rosean, PhD (Rutkowski Lab) and Robin Lindsay, PhD (Engelhard Lab) have been selected as award recipients for the 2018 CIC/MIC Postdoctoral Travel Award. The award provides each postdoc travel funds to attend scientific meetings within the next 12 months. … [Read More...]

    CAR T-cell Therapy — a Top 10 achievement in clinical research

    CAR T-cell therapy, a gene therapy used to treat leukemia in children and young adults was recently honored by the Clinical Research Forum as one of the Top 10 clinical research achievements of 2017.  CAR T-cell therapy was developed by Trey Lee, a Carter Center member and pediatric oncologist at … [Read More...]

    “Balancing Immune Homeostasis with the Need to Respond to Endogenous Danger Signals”

    The first annual Carter Symposium -- Monday, April 30, 2018, 1-5 PM, Pinn Hall Conference Center was a smashing success with a packed house!  Thanks to all who attended.   The speakers were -- - Alexander Rudensky, PhD, Chair, Immunology Program, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center - … [Read More...]

    Nanoarchitecture of a viral chromatin tether

    CIC research, Dean Kedes and his collaborators have recently published findings in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences detailing their work with super-resolution microscopy. Click here to read the UVA Today article. Click here to read the PNAS report. … [Read More...]

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