Clinical Research

W. Gerald Teague, MD

W. Gerald Teague, MD Associate Director, Child Heath Research Center Ivy Foundation Distinguished Professor of Pediatrics Chief, Pediatric Respiratory Medicine, Allergy and Immunology

A fundamental mission of the Child Health Research Center is to develop new treatments for diseases which affect children. To do this requires an interface between basic science and clinical medicine through a process called translational research. Investigators in the CHRC furthermore advocate a broad definition of clinical research which spans epidemiology and analyses of large population-based data sets to traditional clinical trials. In this effort we maintain as the highest values integrity and safety in the conduct of clinical studies involving children and therefore adhere as closely as we can to regulatory policies and procedures. On par with the effort to develop new therapies, we also strive to equip a new generation of young pediatric faculty in developing clinical studies targeting children. This requires mentoring in study design, a protocol review process, and access to regulatory staff. Our ultimate goal is to expand the scope and quality of pediatric clinical research across the University of Virginia.