30th Research Symposium 2018

The PCEN in conjunction with the CHRC sponsored and organized the 30th Annual Research Day Symposium that took place at UVA on May 31th 2018. This symposium offered an outstanding presentation of Pediatrics’ trainees and faculty mentors’ research. Dr. Norman D. Rosenblum MD, FRCPC (Professor of Pediatrics, Physiology, and Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology at the University of Toronto, and a Pediatric Nephrologist and Senior Scientist in the Research Institute, the Hospital for Sick Children) was the Keynote Speaker this year. The title of his presentation was “Kidney-Urinary Tract Malformation: Translating Developmental Genetics and Genomics to Make a Difference for Children”. A poster session was held to give presenters the opportunity to display, interact and discuss their research. Among the presenters were two former PCEN Summer Students: Robert Paxton and Jessica Hoy. A very dynamic and enlightening small group discussion about “Developing a Career as a Clinical Translational Scientist in Pediatrics:

A Dialogue”, was led by Dr. Rosenblum.

The PCEN continues to pursue collaborations with the broader research community to advance its goals. A collaboration with Dr. Aron Geurts during his recent visit was established to develop a mouse model for inducible deletion of renin. This model will be a very valuable resource for studies conducted at the center

Plans for the next funding period

  • The Center will continue to provide research exposure, training and mentorship to college students, graduate students, and medical students and fellows interested in pediatric nephrology research.
  • The PCEN plans to support four new students during the summer of 2018: two at the University of Virginia and two at Tulane University mentored by Dr. Samir El-Dahr and Dr. Zubaida Saifudeen.
  • The PCEN will continue its program of seminars given throughout the year and will participate in the organization of the UVA Children’s Hospital Annual Research Symposium and Trainee Competition.
  • The PCEN, along with the CHRC, will host the Betsy and Stuart Houston Lecture at UVA in November of 2018. The speaker will be Dr. Klaus Rajewsky from the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine in Berlin. Dr. Rajewsky is an immunologist renowned for his extensive work on B cells.
  • Hiroko Nishimura plans to return for another sabattical next year to continue with her work on kidney development in birds.

Congratulations to our Research Day Winners!