Jobs Now Available

Contact Assistant Director Liz Hupp by e-mail or by phone 434.924.1947.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Most laboratories in the Center employ UVa undergraduates either for summer research positions, or as part-time hourly employees, or to take research projects for credit. Often these students enjoy their activities so much that they remain in the Center for several semesters. Some remain as laboratory specialists for a year or so after graduation, to obtain laboratory research experience prior to graduate school. Laboratory research is an important criterion for entry into top schools. If you are interested in this opportunity, stop by and see us, or email the faculty.

Graduate Student Opportunities

Graduate students from a variety of academic departments and programs within the University currently conduct research in the laboratories of the Center. Center faculty hold academic appointments in the Departments of Biochemistry & Molecular Genetics, Medicine, and Microbiology. The Center is not a degree-granting department, so graduate students in the Center are admitted to graduate work through interdepartmental programs and earn their degrees through a department. A Center faculty member serves as the graduate advisor in the department of their primary appointment.

Information about admissions to graduate work at the University may be obtained from the Graduate School.

Students from all BIMS programs are welcomed to do research rotations in Center laboratories.

Students are currently enrolled in the M.D./Ph.D. Program, the Cell and Molecular Biology Program, Microbiology and Infections Diseases and the Molecular Medicine Program to complete thesis research in Center laboratories.

Students doing their dissertation research in Center laboratories are provided the same stipend and support provided other Ph.D. students in the School of Medicine.

Postdoctoral Fellow Opportunities

Faculty in the Center are very interested in recruiting new postdoctoral fellows and research associates. Applicants will find stimulating and challenging research training opportunities in the Center laboratories. The atmosphere is collegial and collaborative. Biweekly floor meetings provide an opportunity to present your ongoing research work to your colleagues and to hear about their projects. Financial support includes salary, fringe benefits, and full support of research activities.

Interested? Then contact faculty members directly to arrange a visit!