Introduction & Information

Welcome to the Center for Cell Signaling

The Center for Cell Signaling is a multidisciplinary biomedical research center in the School of Medicine. We study cellular and molecular mechanisms of signal transduction, the biochemical pathways within cells.

These pathways determine whether cells survive, die or proliferate and dicate their specialized functions. These pathways often are perturbed in human diseases and the proteins in the pathways are the targets for new generations of pharmaceuticals, and function as biomarkers for disease and therapeutic responses.

Researchers from around the world and students from various UVA programs contribute to the diversity and vitality of our center community. We are proud that several of our students have won top research awards and most present their results at national conferences and publish them in leading peer-reviewed biomedical journals. Our faculty come from multiple departments in the School if Medicine, and work here together to make discoveries and apply them to clinical practice.

The Center was created about 20 years ago by a generous grant from the Lucille P. Markey Charitable Trust and funds from the School of Medicine and the Commonwealth of Virginia. Located in the University of Virginia Health System, the Center occupies the 7th floor of the West Complex Multistory Building. Offices and laboratories of Center faculty, research support facilities, and administrative offices are accessible by elevator from the Main Lobby of West Complex.