David Brautigan, PhD

Center Director

As Director, Dr. Brautigan is responsible for annual budget, space allocation, staff hiring and performance review, plus approvals and compliance with University, state and federal regulations.  Dr. Brautigan serves on multiple advisory committees for the school.

Liz Hupp

Admin. Director
Phone: 924-1947

Organizes administrative activity, has supervisory responsibility for the staff and oversight responsibility for the budget & finance, grant preparation, human resources and compliance with University, state and federal regulations.

Andrew Thomas

Phone: 4-1837

Carries out reconciliation of all expenditures on active accounts, prepares financial summaries and projections and deals with procurement and purchasing issues.

Patricia James

Administrative Assistant
Phone: 434-924-1235

Provides administrative support to the Director and senior faculty, especially ordering of research reagents, and dealing with facilities and vendors, as well as preparation of grant and fellowship applications, manuscripts, and other documents.