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About Our Research

Cell clearance is a fundamental process by which many different types of host cells are removed via phagocytosis, including apoptotic cells, aged red cells, and malignant cells. Myeloid phagocytes such as macrophages and dendritic cells are critical players in most types of cell clearance. The immunological consequences and therapeutic importance of cell clearance in many diseases, including autoimmunity, chronic inflammatory diseases, and cancer, are now well established. Yet, there are many intriguing and important questions that are unanswered. The mission of the Center for Cell Clearance is twofold. First, to integrate and enhance the research efforts on cell clearance within the University of Virginia. Second, to link investigators from around the world and foster better intellectual exchange and progress in the field of cell clearance.

Multiple PostDoc Positions

Multiple positions are currently available in the Center in the labs of Dr. Kodi S. Ravichandran and Dr. Michael R. Elliott that cover a range of exciting and novel topics. Both investigators have worked closely to study the mechanisms and physiologic consequences of cell clearance for nearly 20 years, with a strong track-record of high-impact science. Dr. Ravichandran’s projects are focused on specific mechanisms of apoptotic cell clearance, including the receptors, immunometabolism, and solute carrier proteins involved in efficient cell clearance. Dr. Elliott’s projects include understanding the role of macrophages as cytotoxic effector cells in mAb-based anti-cancer immunotherapies, regulators of tissue inflammation in microbial infection and aging, and as regulators of erythropoiesis, anemia, and age-related cytopenias. These projects employ cutting edge approaches including transcriptomics, metabolomics, and mouse models of human disease.

Postdoc Training In the Center

The center is built around a model of collaboration and sharing of intellectual and experimental resources. With a strong track-record in training postdocs for academia and industry, along with substantial funding from NIH and other sources, the Center provides an exceptional training atmosphere where postdocs can explore their interests and use their creativity to make groundbreaking discoveries. Additional exciting opportunities are available for postdocs to work closely with Dr. Ravichandran’s research group at the University of Ghent in Belgium.


We seek applicants with a Ph.D. in a relevant biomedical field who enjoy working in a highly interactive, creative, and fun setting, ideally designed for cutting-edge research.


Please contact Dr. Michael R. Elliott by emailing him at with a C.V. and brief cover letter to explore these opportunities and discuss joining our research groups as a Postdoctoral fellow.

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