Center for Cell Clearance

Every day, we turnover 100-200 billion cells in the body. The prompt and efficient clearance of such apoptotic, aged or superfluous cells is fundamentally important for us to maintain homeostasis and for preventing autoimmunity and other chronic inflammatory diseases. The mission of the Center is twofold. First, to integrate and enhance the research efforts on apoptotic cell clearance within the University of Virginia. Second, to link investigators from around the world through a common website run through this center, and thereby foster better intellectual exchange and overall progress in the field of apoptotic cell clearance.

Center Director

Dr. Kodi Ravichandran is the chair of the Department of Microbiology at the University of Virginia School of Medicine and director of the UVA Center for Cell Clearance. He studies apoptosis in relation to many models of human disease.

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Center Investigators

There is a critical mass of investigators at UVA who benefit from a focused and more integrated research effort on the topic of apoptotic cell clearance.

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Apoptotic Cell Clearance

Generation of apoptotic cells and their turnover are part of a normal homeostasis in the bone marrow, thymus, eye, gut etc. Several disease states have now been linked to failed or inadequate corpse clearance.

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